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The Hayes Jones family"

Rectory, Hawarden




I think this was taken in the late 1913 or early 1914 period. My reason for this is that two of my uncles and an aunt were in the uniformed services during World War 1( see 7.173). My father is in the group, but Mum and Dad were probably courting at the time, and my parents married on September 29th, 1915. Mum was the first of her family to marry. However, the whole family is in the photo.


The church in the background is St. Deiniol's Church, Hawarden. The photo was probably taken in the grounds of Hawarden Rectory, where some of my aunts were in service, and one of them was burned to death in 1922.


My maternal Grandparents are seated in the front row of the photo and their youngest daughter, Emily, is in front of and between them.


My Grandfather (Grandad) was Joseph Hayes Jones (1861-1951) and was Parish Clerk and Sexton at Saint Matthew's Church, Buckley for many years. My Grandmother (Gran) was Priscilla Jones (1864-1941). Her maiden name was Dolby.


Sitting on Grandad's right is Auntie Sis (Priscilla) (1888-1978) and on Gran's left is Auntie Sally (Sarah Ellen) (1884-1962). Auntie Sis was a cook with a family named Green in Craven Arms, Salop, and Auntie Sally was a cook at the Rectory, Hawarden.


Standing, back row, Auntie Hett, my mother, Annie, Uncle Charlie, my father, Joshua Hayes, Uncle Albert, Auntie Bess, Auntie Mary, and Uncle Cliff (all Jones except my Dad).


Auntie Hett (Hettie) (1901-2001) followed her fiance, Percy Roberts (1902-1980), a plumber to New Zealand in the 1920s where they married and had two children, Ada and Arthur. They returned to Buckley in 1937. Before emigrating Auntie Hett was an assistant to Mr Bell Jones at Hawarden Post Office.


My mother, Annie, was a children's nurse with the family of Dr Trubshaw, Mold, until her marriage in 1915. Mum lived from 1889 until 1979.


I have no dates for Uncle Charlie (Charles Henry). He was a railway clerk and rose to managerial rank in one of the main London Railway Offices. He and Auntie Mabel had a son, Gerald who died young in 1992 and their last address was in Harrow.


My father, Joshua (1889-1974) worked for many years at Summers Steel works until about 1930 when he lost parts of two fingers in an accident. He then became a window-cleaner and school caretaker. During WWII he worked as a storeman for the MOD at their Rhydymwyn establishment.


Uncle Albert was also a railway man and rose from goods clerk at Buckley Junction to Station Master at Urmston, Manchester. He retired to Mynydd Isa with Auntie Kathleen, Nee Higgins. They had a daughter Dorothy wo died in 1997. I have no dates for Uncle Albert.


Auntie Bess (Elizabeth) (1895-1922) is the Aunt I referred to earlier. She was in service at Hawarden Rectory. As was the fashion in those days, she wore her hair long and it was accidentally ignited on a candle and she died from her injuries. Auntie Mary was a "clippy" with Manchester Corporation transport during WWI. She married Uncle Jack Cain, a gents' outfitter in Rochdale. Their daughter is Kathleen.


Standing at the end of the back row is Uncle Cliff (John Clifford) (1905-1993) He was a teacher and returned to Buckley as Headmaster of Saint Matthew's Boys School and became the first Head Teacher of Mountain Lane School when it was built in the early 1960s.


Auntie Em, (Emily Roberta) in the front of the group, was also a life-long teacher. She married James Bevis Edwards (1905-1996) and she died in 1987.


Auntie Sis (sitting on Grandad's right) gave up her job when Gran died and returned home to look after Grandad. She did not marry.


Auntie Sally, the oldest of the family, married Uncle Sam (Samuel Birks) after he left the army after WWI. They had four children.


Mum and Dad had three children - my sister Molly (Edith Mary) (1920-1997) and brother Syd (Sydney) (1923-2002). I was born in 1918.


Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918


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