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Foreword p.2


More about Books and Libraries p. 3-5

by E. R. Harries Esq., M.C., B.A., A.L.A.


A Song of Winter p.6


A Short Story, "The Flight" p.9 -14

by D. V. Leadbeater, Esq., M.A.


Christmas Eve p.14


Buckley Cricket - The Future p.15-19

by Nemo


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Balance Sheet of Garden Fete p.21


Columnist p.22-24

by Percy Peters





(By Jean Ll Williams).


Born in wartime, the Buckley Magazine now makes its first peace-time appearance, and in it we are pleased to report that the Association which gave it birth is making good headway. The Official Opening of the Centre on Saturday, 7th January, when Lady Wheldon performed the Opening Ceremony and Dr. Thomas Jones, C.H., gave the Presidential Address, was crowned with success. The Speeches, printed in booklet form, have had a wide circulation, and the current issue of the Magazine " Wales " prominently features a re-print of Dr. Jones's Address. At present, Hawkesbury itself

is in constant use; the Cubs, the Boys' Club, the Women's Guild, the Modern Problems Study Group, the Drama Circle, the Play Reading Circle, and the Art Club all meet there regularly every week, to say nothing of the Pantomime Company seizing every spare moment to practise there. The Boys' Club, the Play Reading Circle and the Women's Guild have been newly formed during this last half year and all,

especially the last mentioned, are nourishing. The acquisition of our beautiful new piano opens up further wide opportunities, and the Music Club, until now a sleeping partner, is ready to spring into activity. The rehearsals of Buckley Glee Party are greatly enjoyed in their new home in Hawkesbury.


Our chief misfortune at present is our inability as yet to take over our field and convert it into the best sports field in the district. This prevents our sports side from developing yet, but, realising that a few months count but little when considered in proportion to the wide vista of the future, we are not impatient.


One of our most acceptable innovations is the " tea and biscuits " which now accompanies our meetings. In the more serious gatherings the rattle of the tea cups is the signal for a lighter interval. Also connected with our purely social side are the dance on November 30th and the Christmas Party.


In connection with the Modern Problems Study Group it is well worth mention that in a debate with Mold Forum on the subject " That Modern Youth doesn't face its respon-

sibilities " Buckley, opposing the motion, completely carried the day. This Group is arranging a One-day School at Easter, when one or two well-known experts will speak on foreign and home affairs.


Space is short, so with this brief summary of life at Hawkesbury we will bid you adieu, with all good wishes for Christmas and the New Year, until our next issue.

Author: Buckley Magazine Number Three


Year = 1946

Document = Journal

Extra = 1940s

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