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The adverts appearing under "Number One" are in addition to those already entered under Numbers Two and Three viz: Burkhill's Hairdressing; Brimblecombe's Builders; Stanley's Willow Garage; Palace Cinema; Arthur Jones' Photographers; Robinson & Sons, Plumbers; Kelsall's Outfitters; Rainford's Pharmacy; Peters Grocers and Butchers; Iball's Clothes Shop; Buckley Co-op; Morris' Grocers.


The Buckley Magazine

Official Organ of the Buckley Young People's Cultural Association


One Shilling







p. 35


Two Prizes of 10/6d. each.


This is our first issue of the "Buckley Magazine" which we hope is going to play an important part in the enrichment of the cultural life of the district and find a place in every home in Buckley and amongst Buckley people the world over whether in civilian life or in forces. In order that the Buckley Magazine may meet the requirements of as many people as possible, we are offering two prizes of half a guinea for the two best letters containing constructive criticism and suggestions for the improvement of subsequent issues. One prize is for the under sixteens from whom we anticipate receiving many new and bright ideas for improving the magazine from a young people's point of view, and the other prize is for the over sixteens which we hope will result in some sound criticism and helpful suggestions. We should like all writers to bear in mind that our objective is the production of a "cultural" magazine - the word "cultural" in this sense having a wide interpretation and covering such topics as art, literature, drama, music, religion, political, social and scientific problems, and anything which will be of interest to the people of Buckley. We look forward to a large number of letters and hope to use many of the suggestions and ideas they may offer in future issues. In the next issue we hope to publish the two winning letters - send your letter to Mr. C. Duckworth, Brunswick Road, Buckley, as soon as possible.






Dear Friends,


Much has happened since last we saw you going to the last house pictures on a Saturday night, and parading the "Mile" on a Sunday night with your best girl. You've travelled a long way, journeyed into many lands, and rubbed shoulders with different types of persons.


It would be just grand of you would write and tell us of your different experiences in time for them to be printed in our Jubilee issue.


You remember how we used to sit in the old Central Hall and watch the Jubilee on Pictures, silent pictures in those days, and we did our own talking. We all knew our own Chapel and we were not afraid to shout about it, yet through it all, old Dan Brown's wagonette decorated real swell and followed by a score of others - each filled with happy children, passed by on the screen. What memories they conjure!


We hope by next Jubilee the war will be over, but your experiences will remain linking the past with the present and we shall be very pleased to hear all about them. It doesn't matter if they are long and take a lot of paper; what price paper these days any way !


The children of the Square and the Trap are busy practising their carols. Christmas starts in Buckley quite three weeks before anywhere else, and we all join in hoping that this song of cheer will echo to wherever you may be, together with the good hope that a speedy victory will be ours, bringing with it a safe return home to all of you.


With very best wishes.

Yours very sincerely,




Author: Buckley Magazine Number One


Year = 1944

Document = Journal

Extra = 1940s

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