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Pen sitting on a nest on the Trap Pool"

Trap Pool, Middle Common, Buckley

April 2004

96.17 (with the account below) - 96.22 tell the story of the swans which arrived at the Trap Pool for the first time in over thirty years. See also 5.133, 101.8, 101.9, 101.11, 101.12 and 101.13 for other images following the various species of bird as they attempted to rear young over summer 2004 on the Trap Pool.



The swans last nested on the Trap Pool about thirty years ago. They have been very aggressive towards other birds, such as the ducks, with twelve eggs in the nest, and Canada geese. A grebe and mallards were also nesting on the patch of ground near the swans' nest.

Author: Bright, John


Year = 2004

Month = April

Landscape = Urban

Extra = Animals

Extra = 2000s

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