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Phil Hodges on a Buckley Common Flower Walk"

Lower Common, Buckley

10 June 2001

"Summer flowering plants to look out for are the orchids - northern marsh, common spotted and early purples. Sneezewort populations seems to be falling, possibly because it is a wet grassland indicator species in an area that has been drying out over the last few years from reduced rainfall." Quoted from the Deeside Urban Wildlife Group's "Wildlife Matters, Issue 35, Summer 2004."


(Flintshire Countryside Service manages the Lower and Middle Commons in conjunction with the Buckley Consultantive Group and Buckley Town Council.)


On ragwort and Himalayan Balsam:

"Ragwort has to be pulled up roots-and-all before it seeds. The more it spreads, the greater the chance that their harmful seeds may be eaten by livestock. Even when the stems are dry and dead they can still cause severe digestion problems for cattle and horses." Volunteers and Community Service have given a hand to help manage these plants at Globe Pool, Etna Park and Buckley Lower Common. Quoted from the Deeside Urban Wildlife Group's "Wildlife Matters, Issue 36, Autumn 2004."


Author: Hodges, Phil


Year = 2001

Month = June

Day = 10

Event = Leisure

Gender = Male

Landscape = Natural

People = Single

Work = Public Service

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