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Joe Chester's Contract of Employment with Buckley Urban District Council"

Buckley Town Council Offices, Mold Road, Buckley

December 1964

Note by Joe Chesters: This terms and conditions of my employment with Buckley Urban District Council was in the November/December of 1964.





Your appointment is subject to the conditions of service as laid down by the 'North Wales Provincial Council for Local Authorities, (Manual Workers) (Building and Civil Engineering)


Rates of Pay

(1) The rates of wages are standard wage rates fixed by the National Council for occupations nationally graded.

Your particular grade is E.

At present the rate of pay for this grade is £15.10.0 per week.


(2) In addition to the normal weekly wage a full time employee qualifies for a Service Supplement after serving five years continuous Local Authority Service.


(3) The Council also pay a further incentive bonus of £1.0.0. per week to an employee who completes a full week's work within the specified working hours. The bonus is paid during holiday leave, but not during sickness or other absence. It is a condition of payment of this bonus that the employee carries out his duties to the satisfaction of his employer and that punctuality is observed.



(1) Time worked before or after a normal days work shall count as overtime, and shall be paid for on the basis of each week standing by itself overtime hours being aggregated within the week.


(2) A full week has to worked before overtime is payable except in the case of absence due to:-

a) Certified sickness.

b) Absence by permission of the employer.


(3) Overtime worked from Monday to Friday is calculated as time and a third for the first two hours, and thereafter time and a half. All Saturday work is at time and a half and Sunday at double time.


Holiday Entitlement.

(1) An employee who has completed by 1st April in any year not less than twelve months continuous service shall be allowed an annual holiday of two calendar weeks.


(2) Additional holiday entitlement is illustrated below;

a) After five years service - an extra 3 days.

b) After six years service - an extra 4 days.

c) After seven years service - an extra 5 days.


(3) An employee who has not completed twelve months service by the 1st April in any year will be entitled to an apportionment of the two calendar weeks.


Sickness Benefit Scheme.

(1) To become entitled to sickness benefit an employee must have served six consecutive months service at the first day of sickness absence. Afterwards the period of sickness benefit is based on a sliding scale related to the length of service.


(2) An employee on sickness absence must, produce a medical certificate, otherwise no sickness pay will be paid.


(3) It is sufficient to produce your National Health Sickness Certificate at the Office before posting it to the Ministry. If this is done, there is no need to obtain a private certificate from your doctor. .....


(5) Timesheets should still be delivered to your Chief Officer by 9 a.m. each Monday even during periods of sickness.


Superannuation Schemes.

Unless he has had previous local government employment within the six months immediately proceeding his appointment. An employee will enter the superannuation scheme after 13 weeks service. Admission to the Scheme is subject to satisfactorily passing a medical examination and the employee being able to complete ten years service before the age of retirement.


Termination of Employment.

(1) The Employing Authority is required to give an employee who has;

a) Up to two years continuous service - one week's notice.

b) Two years or more continuous service - two weeks' notice.

c) Five years or more continuous service - four weeks' notice.

d) In the case of misconduct the engagement may be terminated by one hour's notice.


(2) By the Employee;-

One week's notice.


Author: Buckley Urban District Council


Year = 1964

Month = December

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Public Service

Extra = 1960s

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