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Bryn Methodist Church Alltami Souvenir Brochure for the Centenary Celebrations"

Bryn Methodist Church, Alltami, Buckley

May 1966





Today we remember with pride and joy the men and women who gave been associated with the Primitive Methodist Church and the Methodist Church at Alltami during the century.

We praise God for all His faithful servants who have given themselves without thought or reward, for the service of God's Kingdom and for the multitude of humble men and women who have been content to serve unknown. They have left us as great heritage.

There have been ministers, trustees, society stewards, secretaries, treasurers, Chapel stewards, choirmasters, organists and caretakers. We remember, too, the nursery of the Church - the Sunday School and its teachers and innumerable scholars. Out of the school came many colourful local preachers and one minister, the Rev. John Roberts.


1866 The opening of the Church. The Rev. Joseph Davies was musical and trained a choir which went about singing. The money which they earned helped to pay a little towards the building of the Church. The tune "Southport" was composed by Joseph Davies and, also "Jesus, the promised" a carol which has been sung every Christmas.


1879 The extensions to the original Church were completed and opened as a school room in October. In this year there were seventy-two Sunday School scholars on the register. The first twelve named were John Catherall, John Roberts, William Stanley, Thomas Hughes, Thomas Catherall, Robert Griffiths, Thomas Riley, Joseph Arrowsmith, Job Daniels, Hannah Stanley and Martha Stanley.


1882There was income from seat rents and £13 was paid in interest. The accounts were

signed by Rev. T. Pinnock.


1889The harmonium was bought which cost £12.12.0d.


1895 £15.11.0d. was taken at the Horticultural Bazaar and £19.10.0d. was paid to Mr. Brown for cementing the Chapel. (Mr. A. Brown - grandson - is still plastering and slating).


1898 £35 was borrowed for a time to pay for the heating apparatus. The annual Christmas tea meetings were held and the bachelors were responsible.


1911 There was a Coronation tea and the usual Jubilee Tea. A piano was bought for £19.


1919 In October a Memorial Service was held for those who were killed in the 1914 - 1918 War and a Tablet was unveiled in memory of them.


1924 The heating apparatus was installed.


1928 Alderman and Mrs. Wood of Widnes, presented to the Church a communion Table and two chairs in memory of Mrs. Hetty Evans and Mrs. Hannah Powell.


1933 The brook, running along the side of the Church, was beginning to wash away the foundations. Something had to be done and during the summer months it was piped and the cavity filled with endless cartloads of coal metal from the Dyke


1934 The electric light was installed replacing the oil lamps.


1936 Shrubs planted in the grounds in memory of Mrs. Goodwin.


1938 The first Primitive Methodist Chapel in North Wales was one hundred years old. Centenary Celebrations were held on Saturday 21st May. In the afternoon the Rev. Keyworth Lloyd Williams preached and during a concert in the evening Mrs. Martha Evans presided. On the Sunday the Rev. T. Johns Martin preached


1941 Pipe organ was purchased to commemorate the 1938 Centenary. An organ chamber was built by several willing workers. Mr. Tom Roberts played for the opening ceremony.


1942 Ladies Sunday Service. The ladies of the Church have held weekly meetings and have helped financially. The flowers have been provided each Sunday by the ladies


1943 The Church was registered for the solemnisation of marriages. Mr. And Mrs. Arthur Roberts were the first to be married in the Church.


1950 At the Annual General Meeting the men of the Church were thanked for decorating the Church and Sunday School and the carol singers for raising funds. The ladies were remembered too for their cleaning and scrubbing.


1956 Centenary Year of the Buckley Jubilee. A new banner was designed and embroidered for the occasion.


1959 A kitchen was built on to the original building and the Sunday School reslated and decorated.


1960 In the summer the Church Porch was taken down and a new one built in Castle Jacobean bricks. This was enhanced with oak doors and a stained glass window. The Church was decorated.


1964 Whiteley's of Chester made a general overhaul of the organ and fitted a new Pedal Key Board.


1965 Tubular electric heaters were installed at a cost of £295.


1966 Centenary of the present Chapel.


"Let us run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith".


May 1966.




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