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Bryn Methodist Church Alltami Centenary Celebrations Souvenir Brochure"

Bryn Methodist Church, Alltami, Buckley

May 1938



Alltami Methodist Chapel

(Buckley and Mold Circuit)


Souvenir of

Centenary Celebrations

Held on May 21st, 22nd, & 25th, 1938


Programme of Proceedings

Brief Chapel History




The Brochure contains the following:

p.2 An Appreciation (154.12)

p.3 Historical Notes on the Alltami Chapel - see below

p.4 - 5Quotations. Church members' names are noted after the quotations they

contributed. One example:

"The actions of today are the memories of tomorrow"supplied by Mr Elvet


p.6 Centenary Celebrations Order of Proceedings -see below

p.7 Officials for Chapel and Sunday School and more Centenary events -see below

p.8 Some old Sunday School Teachers photo taken in 1913 (154.4)

p.9 Officials, Teachers and some members of Alltami Church and Sunday School

photo (2.20)

p.10 Music and words of Repose by James H. Lamb "Abide with me"

p.11 Adverts

Back Page: Elwyn Cropper, Printer, Buckley





It was on the slopes of the rugged, tower-crowned height of Mow Cap, in the year 1807 that Primitive Methodism had its origin. The thrilling and romantic story has been told and retold by our forefathers. We are glad that the movement reached North Wales via Chester (which was missioned in 1821) The Buckley Circuit has it's own "Mow Cap" - a breezy height called Bryn-y-Baal. Here in a field belonging to Griffith's Farm in the summer of 1836, Henry Brining of Chester with a few friends held a Camp Meeting, which was largely attended. Subsequent meetings led to the formation of a Society and regular preaching services were held at Kitty Howell's cottage (now inhabited by Mr. & Mrs. Hopwood) and at Alltami, known as "Old Tailor's" where Joseph Arrowsmith and Hannah Stanley were converted. Other outstanding characters in the Society were John Evans, Samuel Stanley, Mrs Evans, Mary Lamb, Robert Lamb and Robert Roberts.


It was due to the faith, courage and self-sacrifice of these men and women that in 1838 the Alltami Chapel, the first Primitive Methodist building in North Wales was opened. They ventured to build with empty pockets but with overflowing hearts. Stones were hewn and carried in carts from the surroundings. Sand and lime were at hand so building operations were commenced by these enthusiastic workers. Their daring adventure has been amply rewarded. The old Chapel was a low building, the size of which can be estimated from the stones which form part of the present Sunday School wall. The entrance faced the road with a paving between the road and chapel. There was a step down into the Chapel on to a grey tiled floor and facing you was the pulpit, a fixture raised by a platform which extended the width of the Chapel. The edifice was lit by tallow candles and heated by a small coal stove, the base of which is still in existence. Of course there was no musical instrument of any description and it was some time after the present Chapel was built before the hymns were accompanied.


A young man named Joseph Davies (later Rev. J. Davies) who lived at a shop in New Brighton joined the Society at Alltami and it was not long before he found the old building was inadequate. He was musical and organised a children's choir which visited neighbouring towns, including Mold, Chester and Ellesmere Port, to raise funds. The first of these concerts was given in the old Town Hall, Mold. One or two of our oldest members have vivid recollections of being dressed in white with blue sashes, and of the items which were sung and recited. Travelling conditions were poor, farmers' carts were used to carry the children over very rough, rutty roads and very often they landed home at two and three o'clock in the morning after waiting at the Ferry for the tide before they could cross.


The present useful sanctuary was built in 1866 and in 1879 the old Chapel was rebuilt and enlarged and now forms the Sunday School. The Buckley Society traces its origin to the efforts of the Alltami friends and even today The Tabernacle as several officials and members who have been reared in the Alltami Church and Sunday School. Alltami also joined the Buckley people in introducing Primitive Methodism into Penyffordd. With their characteristic missionary zeal, they initiated operations at Mold in 1869 when services were started at the disused Maes-y-dre cotton factory. Samuel Arrowsmith son of the Mother Church, rendered outstanding services when a Chapel at New Brighton was purchased and James Kendrick also of Alltami, filled responsible offices.


Today our congregations are fairly good, but we miss many of our old stalwarts whose spirit and policy had influences, gracious and fruitful. May we who have inherited such stirring traditions carry steadily forward the work of the fathers.




Order of Proceedings

Saturday May 21st at 4 p.m.


Conducted by


at 5 p.m.

Tea will be served in the Schoolroom

Price 1/-


at 6.30 p.m.


President…Mrs. Evans, Bryn-y-Baal


Madame Katie Peters, Madame Nellie Williams

Mr. Geo. Hollins (Violin) Mr. Tom Roberts (Organ)





Silver Collection



Officials for Chapel and Sunday School 1938



Society Stewards…Mr. T. Griffiths, Mr. A. Roberts

Leaders…Mr. J. Ed. Jones, Mr. S. Bewley, Mr. R. Hughes

Treasurer…Mrs. S. Powell,

Secretary…Mr. H. Edwards

Choirmaster…Mr. Wm. Jones

Presenters…Mr. J. Ed. Jones, Mr. S. Bewley, Mr. H. Stanley

Organists…Mr. E. Kendrick, Miss G. Jones

Aisle Stewards…Mr. F. Hughes, Mr. A. Roberts

Property Steward…Mr. J. H. Jones

Morning School Super…Mr. E. Weigh



Superintendent…Mr. J. Ed. Jones Assis. Supt…Mr. Weigh

Secretary…Miss. F. Iball Treasurer…Miss M. Lamb

Teachers…Mr. S. Bewley, Mr. J. Ed. Jones, Mr. John Jones,

Mr. Ed. Weigh, Mrs. S. Bewley, Miss. M. Lamb, Miss. E. Iball,

Miss E. Lamb.




SUNDAY MAY 22nd, 1938 at 10.30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Preacher

Rev. T. Johns Martin (Liverpool)


Afternoon at 2.30 MUSICAL SERVICE

Chairman - Councillor DAVIES HAYES

Mdme Katie Peters, Miss Mary Hughes, Mr. Albert Jones, Tenor

Mr. Tom Roberts, Organ.

The Choir will render anthems at each Service.

Conductors Mr. Wm. Jones. Organists Mr. E. Kendrick, Mr. G. Jones


Wednesday May 25th at 7 p.m.


on John Wesley

by Mr. C. F. Williams B.Sc. (Hawarden County School)

TICKETS 6d each



Author: Bryn Methodist Church Alltami


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Month = May

Building = Religious

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