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Alltami Bryn Methodist Church"

Bryn Methodist Church, Alltami, Buckley


Reproduced below is a letter to Church members dated February 16th 1930




To the members of our Church and Congregation.


Dear Friends,


We held our annual meeting a few weeks ago and the general feeling was that our weekly collections were far below what they ought really to be. Sometimes that falls below 15/- for the day. The average gifts cannot be more that two pence be member of the congregation. We do not wish any who may be suffering through unemployment to give beyond his means. We believe the chief cause for our small collections is the lack of method. Systematic giving is the remedy. And let us remember that what we put into the Church in the way of giving is the soundest investment we can make. We are here laying up forourselves treasures where moth and rust do not currupt.


It was thought that if the matter was put to you in this way you would willingly co-operate with us to put the finances of our Church on a sounder basis. The question we put to you is: - Are you willing to adopt the Envelope System of giving? If we could get 30 people willing to promise sixpence per week, and 60 to promise three pence per week, we should be "In Clover" with an assured income of 30/-. That only accounts for 90 adult persons. Surely we have somewhere about 150 who belong to us and are interested in the prosperity of our beloved Church. The Lord hath done great things for us all and He loveth a cheerful giver.


If you are willing to adopt the Envelope System of giving, kindly fill in the enclosed slip with the amount you will promise to give every week. Seal it up in the enclosed envelope for the minister to open. No one else except the secretary will know the amount you give. After the Minister and Secretary have tabulated the result your name will be numbered and the number used instead of your name. A stock of 26 envelopes numbered will be delivered to you every quarter. Whatever you give extra on School Anniversary Days, Harvest, and other specials, may be given in the envelope and credited to you if you desire. In any case put your promised amount in the envelope on these occasions. If you are absent one Sunday, make up the amount promised the next Sunday you are present. Of course, in case of unforeseen breakdown in health or circumstances we could not expect the continuance of the promise. If we have a sufficient number of promises we propose to begin with the envelopes on the first Sunday in March.

Yours sincerely, on behalf of the Church,


Phillip M.Richardson


February 16th. 1930.


Author: Richardson, Phillip M.


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