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Brochure detailing the Exhibition at Saint John's to celebrate its 200th Anniversary"

Saint John's United Reformed Church, Buckley





1] Near Buckley Mountain Common Land

A house to worship God did stand:

The number yearly did increase

Till it became a thronged place.


2] The members, chiefly poor and few,

Contrived together how best to do;

To rear a house with room for all

Was their intention, great and small.


3] Their sacrifice must be great

For such a work to undertake,

They laboured hard, their means they sent,

So on the work they all were bent.


4] The sod was cut, the stone was laid,

All their efforts then were made;

They planned together with great care,

Determined in the work to share.


5] Though clouds sometimes did hang most black

And seemed to crush their efforts back,

With humble courage we pressed on

To finish what we had begun.


6] With friends abroad, with friends at home,

The spring of means will not be done.

Till every heart shall shout for joy

This house is ours until we die.


7] Friends come from far without delay,

Removed our doubts and fears away,

Their Christian spirit must be great

In sympathizing with the weak.


8] And now the top stone's on and done,

The work complete which was begun,

May every heart with joy proclaim

Their love to bless their Saviour's name.


9] May pastor, people, all unite

In serving god with great delight,

And in this house may grace be given

To bring each soul at last to heaven.


W. Jones. Trap Brickworks, Buckley. 1872



Author: Jones, W.


Year = 1992

Building = Religious

Event = Historic

Extra = 1990s

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