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Bryn Methodist Church Alltami Souvenir Brochure of the 150th Anniversary Celebrations"

Bryn Methodist Church, Alltami, Buckley

May 1988



Alltami Methodist Chapel

(Buckley and Deeside Circuit)

Souvenir of

150th Anniversary Celebrations

May 21st, 22nd & 25th 1988

Price £1.00



p. 1 Letter from Rev. Ian Whyte

p. 2 Historical notes 1838 - 1938 see 154.11 - 1938 Brochure

p. 3 Historical notes 1866 - 1966; quotations see 154 16 - 1966 Brochure

p. 4 Photo Some of the Officials and Members - 1966 (154.15)

Photo " 1988 (154.22)

p. 5 Photo "Sunday School - 1988" (154.23)

150th Anniversary Celebrations programme - see below

p. 6 Historical notes 1967 - 1988 -see below

p. 7 " - cont.


p. 8 & 9 Quotations

p. 10 Officials for the Chapel and Sunday School 1988 - see below

Thanks to Donors




150th Anniversary Celebrations

Saturday 21st May, 1988

Open Air Meeting at 3 p.m.

Conducted by Rev Ian Whyte

Royal Buckley Town Band in attendance


Tea from 4.30 p.m.

Served in the Sunday School

Music provided by the Band


Concert at 7.30 p.m.

Given by the Capella Singers from Ellesmere


Sunday, 22nd May, 1988

Morning Worship at 10.45 a.m.

Preacher: Rev. B. A. Shaw of Crewe


Wednesday, 25th May, 1988

Concert at 7.30 p.m.

Given by Chapel Members




Church Stewards: Mr C. Roberts

Mr A. Bewley

Mrs N. Davies

Mr N. Lamb

Class Leaders: Mr A. Brown

Mr G. Edwards

Mrs E. Lewis

Mr W. A. Roberts

Mr I. Roberts

Secretary: Mr G. Edwards

Treasurer: Mr I. Roberts

Property Stewards: Mr E. Williams

Mr A. Brown

Communion Stewards: Mrs E. Crosland

Mrs A. Davies

Organists: Mrs G. Hughes

Mr A. Bewley

Mr G. Edwards

Mrs G. Gibson

Mrs H. Williams

Sunday School Superintendent: Mrs F. Williams

Sunday School Teachers: Mr C. Roberts

Miss S. Williams

Mrs C. Thomas

Miss D. Griffiths

Mother and Toddler Group President: Mrs S. Hobart

Treasurer: Mrs S. Griffiths

Ladies Circle: President: Mrs P. Roberts

Secretary: Mrs N. Davies

Treasurer: Mrs H. Matthias

Caretaker: Mrs E. Lewis


The Church would like to thank the following firms for their donations towards the cost of this brochure:

Alltami Riding Centre

Butterley Building Materials Ltd

Grayston, White and Sparrow Ltd

A. T. Green

Iceland Frozen foods P.L.C.

GKN Kwikform Ltd

North Wales Timber Co. (Buckley) Ltd

Roberts & Partners Ltd

J. T. Williams & Son

Wavelead Ltd


p. 6 and 7

HISTORICAL NOTES - 1967 to 1988


1969 A permanent stage was erected in the Sunday School at a cost of £80.

We also had new lights fitted at a cost of £164.


1970 New windows designed by a former Sunday School scholar were

fitted in the Church. Two of the windows were donated by members

of the Sunday School and the Women's Own. The remaining five

were given by members in memory of loved ones.


1972 The county council purchased a piece of the Church land in order to

provide a bus bay. During the year it was decided to enlarge the car

park - members and friends removed the old boiler house, chopped

down some trees and piped and filled a further part of the brook.


1975 A new water supply was provided.


1981 The outside walls of the Sunday School were rendered. At the annual

Covenant service seven young people were accepted into membership.

1983 Extensive repairs to the interior of the Church at a cost of £1821.


1985 The Church was decorated inside and out, at a cost of &1,150. At a

Sunday evening service in November a further nine young people were

accepted into membership. At the invitation of the circuit, the Church

took part in a Stewardship campaign.


1986 The Sunday School was carpeted and a partition fitted to the stage.


1987 A stewardship renewal campaign was held.


During the past few years we have received many generous gifts of money, a piano, several vases, a pulpit bible, a porch table and bowl, flower stands, etc., The Church council are extremely grateful for such generosity.


There have been many changed in the fabric of our Church as the Historical Notes indicate, but it is pleasing to note that the spiritual life of the Church has remained constant.


We have seen the demise of the Christmas Night Concert - due to the popularity of television - but the Church is usually full for the annual Carol Service and Nativity play which is performed by Sunday School scholars and members of the Ladies' Circle.


Easter Day sees us joining our neighbours from New Brighton to celebrate communion alternating in each other's Church. This is followed by the Prize giving Service with readings, recitations and musical items from the Sunday School scholars.


The Ladies' Circle emerged when the Women's Own and Young Wives amalgamated and it is fair to say they are proving to be the backbone of our Church. Apart from leading the service on Ladies' Sunday, the ladies arrange money raising activities such as the Autumn Fayre, social events such as Strawberry Teas, harvest Suppers and of course 'Family meals' when we held our Stewardship campaign and also the Renewal campaign.


The Stewardship campaign proved very successful in as much as it prompted the setting up of a Bible Study group which now meets regularly in our members' homes, the introduction of 'Alltami News' - this is a monthly newsletter which goes into the homes in the village and quite a number of homes further afield, the promotion of a Mothers and Toddlers Group and, most importantly a closer fellowship amongst the members which has led to more people attending our services and an awareness of the need to give financial help towards the upkeep of the Church.


We are proud of the efforts of our forefathers who had the faith and courage to

build a Church in Alltami and without a doubt there is a similar faith and confidence

which will ensure that our Church will continue to be an active place of worship for

years to come.


Author: Bryn Methodist Church Alltami


Year = 1988

Month = May

Building = Religious

Event = Historic

Extra = 1980s

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