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Ordnance Survey Map of Padeswood Hall area"

Padeswood Hall, Padeswood, Buckley


Flintshire Sheet XIV 10

Edition of 1912

Surveyed in 1869

Revised in 1909


Scale 1 - 2500 being 25.344 inches to a Statute Mile

or 208.33 Feet to One Inch


Altitudes are given in Feet above the assumed Mean Level of the Sea at Liverpool which is 0.650 of a foot below the general mean level of the Sea.

Altitudes indicated thus (B.M.+ 54.7) refer to Bench marks on Buildings, Walls, etc., those marked thus (+52) to surface levels.

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Author: Ordnance Survey


Year = 1912

Document = Map

Landscape = Cultivated

Extra = 1910s

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