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The Standard Landfill Site from the football car park"

Standard Landfill Site, Spencer's Industrial Estate, Globe Way, Drury

June 2005

The landfill site, with the tipping stopped, was being converted to a park. The archive now has photos of the site for mid 2003, 2004 and 2005 in an attempt to chart its progress, which in August 2005 seemed to be pretty swift as large changes had already taken place since this photo was taken.


In January 2006, Channel 4 was about to launch a series about innovative architectural projects in the UK. One idea put forward by the Town Council and the Flintshire Countryside Service was to have a monument in the form of a dragon (The Drury Dragon?), visible for miles, on top of the finished landfill site which would breathe from its mouth the methane flame from the tip. The idea had been shortlisted and the TV company were to visit the county to discuss the project. The idea was not accepted for the project.


Later in the year, The North Wales Economic Forum and Cardiff-based Capital Region Tourism put in an applicatin for a £15m lottery grant for three statues - in Flintshire (the Dragon of Drury being one possibility), Holyhead and Wrexham.



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Year = 2005

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