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Plants found around new swimming pool site soon after completion"

Buckley Leisure Centre, Elfed High School, Mill Lane, Buckley

22 August 2005

When the new swimming pool was being constructed an area of bare soil around the building itself was cordoned off for safety reasons. After the building was ready, the cordon was removed and the soil was just left to its own devices, unlike the surroundings which were mown. In August wild flowers had taken hold in profusion and looked very attractive. The most common were the three in this photo:

From left to right-

Sneezewort - flowers July to September

Scarlet Pimpernel - flowers May to September

Redshank - (by far the most profuse) widespread and common on disturbed ground, flowers June to October






Author: Shone, Carol


Year = 2005

Month = August

Day = 22

Landscape = Cultivated

Extra = 2000s

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