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New Entrance to Buckley Leisure Centre"

Buckley Leisure Centre, Elfed High School, Mill Lane, Buckley

July 2005

In October 2006, the men's changing room was forced to close because of a badly leaking roof, which would cost £60,000 to repair. The room had been damaged by the leaks, and work had to be done to repair the gym floor.


In July 2009, Buckley Town Juniors Football Team took part in their annual extravaganza over two days; the event was based at the leisure centre. Teams attended from all over North Wales and the North West of England.


In Mid 2011, it was reported that £1.1m. was to be spent by winter 2012 on an extension comprising a fitness suite and dance studio in addition to the existing facilities of swimming pool, tennis and squash courts, football pitches, fitness and meeting rooms. Also improvements and enlargements were planned to the car parking. Alliance Leisure,who were funding similar projects around the country, were part of the funding plan.


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