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Programme of the Official Opening of the new swimming pool"

Buckley Leisure Centre, Elfed High School, Mill Lane, Buckley

11 July 2005



Cyngor Sir y Fflint

Flintshire County Council


Official Opening of the

New Swimming Pool

at the Elfed High School, Buckley


The Right Honorable Lord Jones PC

Monday 11th July 2005


11.00 a.m.




Welcome by Mr John Clutton

Director of Education & Children's Services & Recreation


Official Opening Ceremony by

The Right Honorable Lord Jones PC

who will unveil a plaque to commemorate

the opening of the new

Swimming Pool at Elfed High School, Buckley


Relay competition by local school children




The ceremony was attended by county and town councillors, Mark Tami M.P., Carl Sargeant M.E.P., Leisure Centre staff and several members of the Buckley public. A guest of honour was Margaret Towell who had campaigned for the swimming pool to replace the baths; she collected more than 5,000 signatures on a petition.


Some of the information below was taken from the Flintshire County Council newsletter sent to residents in June 2005 and the press release issued for the ceremony.


The new pool cost approximately £2.3 million. It is a 25 metre, six-lane pool and 50% larger than the Buckley Baths, which is the oldest pool in North Wales and one of the oldest in Wales. The old baths were opened in 1928 and at the time of closure still had 55,000 customers annually. No decision had been made in July 2005 as to the future of the baths building.


The Buckley Swimming Club will be able to stage galas and competitions again as competition requirements state 25 metres and the old baths have only 25 yards and four lanes.


The pool links with the sports centre via a new entrance and reception area and the complex is called Buckley Leisure Centre. It is the first deck-level pool in Flintshire and has changing facilities for families and individuals, and two group changing rooms. There is a small viewing area which houses vending machines.


The official opening of the pool, due to take place in May 2005, had to be postponed because of technical difficulties resulting in the flooding out of part of the school.


The main contractor was R. L. Davies and Son Ltd. of Llysfaen, Colwyn Bay. The building was constructed utilising laminated timber portal frames to the pool hall and a steel frame to the plant room area. Lightweight aluminium insulated roof panels were supplied by the local firm of Kingspan, and external walls are in facing brickwork and Prodema Lignum rainscreen cladding panels. The lockers are controlled by Logilock, a keyless, intelligent locking system which needs no coins to operate.


The pool and water treatment plant was installed by Barr and Wray Ltd. of Glasgow. The pool tank was made in Italy from stainless steel sections which were bolted together on site and PVC lined. The company also installed the water treatment/filtration plant which, in addition to normal disinfection incorporates an ultravoilet sterilisation system providing a significant improvement in water quality, wiping out contaminants in the circulation system before the water is returned to the pool. Chlorine is therefore utilised only as a residual backup, reducing costs of chemical consumption, reducing corrosion in the pool hall and providing a better environment.


Other environmentally-friendly features include a condensing boiler plant for the main heat source, high levels of insulation and an overnight pool cover.



Author: Flintshire County Council


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