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The Square Wesleyan Chapel erected in 1834 as it currently exists: Fig. 4 and article: How Did "The Square", Buckley Get its Name? by Neville Dunn "

Square Methodist Chapel, Mold Road, Buckley

May 2005





Entry Name of Name and Surname Relation Marriage Age last Profession or Place of

No Street to Head cond'n birthday occupation birth


63 Argoed Peter Mulligan Head M 55 Agric. Labourer Ireland

Muiford Mulligan Wife M 43 Ireland

Mary Mulligan Dau. Inf. 13 Buckley

Catherine Mulligan Dau. Inf. 12 Buckley

Ellen Mulligan Dau Inf. 7 Buckley

64 Argoed Michael O'Brian Head M 50 Gen.labourer Ireland

Mary Ann O'Brian Wife M 39 Macclesfield

66 Argoed James Gorman Head M 67 Sieve Maker Ireland

Bridget Gorman Wife M 60 Ireland

James Gorman Son M 24 Railway labourer Ireland

Bridget Gorman Gd.D Inf. 2 Ireland

Francis McDonald Vis. S 19 Tinplate worker Ireland

Ann Johnson Cous. M 55 Ireland

Bartholomew Gorman Son S 21 Railway worker Ireland

84 Argoed Patrick McCue Head M 33 Iron Works Ireland

Mary McCue Wife M 28 Ireland

Thomas McCue Son Inf. 8 Buckley

William McCue Son Inf. 6 Buckley

Ann McCue Dau. Inf. 3 Buckley

Mary McCue Dau. Inf. 1 mth Buckley

85 Argoed James Stuart Head M 50 Agric. Labourer Scotland

Ann Stuart Wife M 49 Ireland

James Stuart Son S 24 Coalminer Argoed

Hannah Stuart Dau. S 21 Argoed

Margaret Stuart Dau. S 19 Argoed

Ann Stuart Dau. Inf 15 Argoed

John Stuart Son Inf. 12 Argoed

Ruth Hewitt Vis. S 48 Bistre

86 Argoed Thomas MacDowne Head M 29 Labourer in Railway Ireland

Catherine MacDowne Wife M 28 Ireland

John MacDowne Son Inf. 4 Argoed

Thomas MacDowne Son Inf. 2 Argoed

Michael MacDowne Son Inf. 6 mth. Bistre

87 Argoed Winifred Gordon Head Wid. 40 Pedlar Ireland

Ellen Gordon Dau. S 18 Pedlar Liverpool

Michael Kennedy Vis. S 44 Railway Labourer Ireland

88 Argoed John Daly Lodger S 65 Railway Labourer Scotland

John Hagerty Lodger Wid. 50 Railway Labourer Liverpool

89 Argoed Thomas Jenkins Head Wid. 69 Agric. Labourer Ireland

90 Argoed James Brannan Head S 25 Marine Store Dealer Ireland

91 Argoed James McDermott Head M 40 Railway Labourer Ireland

Ellen McDermott Wife M 38 Liverpool

Mary McDermott Dau. Inf. 8 Liverpool

Bridget McDermott Dau. Inf. 4 Liverpool

Ellen McDermott Dau Inf. 3 Liverpool

92 Argoed Patrick McGowan Head M 40 Railway Labourer Ireland

Ellen McGowan Wife M 26 Ireland

Catherine McGowan Dau. Inf. 1 Buckley

John Armstrong Lodger M 36 Agric. Labourer Scotland

Catherine Armstrong Lodger M 26 Scotland

92 John Armstrong Lodger Inf. 5 Scotland

James Armstrong Lodger Inf 3 Scotland

95 Argoed Edward Doyle Head M 64 Agric. Labourer Ireland

Nappy Doyle Wife M 67 Ireland

Anthony Doyle Son 17 Ag. Labourer Buckley

Ellen Doyle Dau. Inf. 9 Scholar Buckley

96 Argoed Patrick McDonough Head Wid. 43 Lab. in Brickyard Ireland

Michael McDonough Son Inf. 10 Lab. in Brickyard Buckley

97 Argoed Thomas McManus Head M 40 Lab. in Brickyard Ireland

Winifred McManus Wife M 40 Ireland

Michael McManus Son Inf. 9 Buckley

Mary McManus Dau. Inf. 7 Buckley

Edward McManus Son Inf. 4 Buckley

Thomas McManus Son Inf. 1 Buckley

98 Argoed George Cooper Head M 26 Merchant Seaman M'chester

Mary Cooper Wife M 24 Pedlar Ireland

John Cooper Son Inf. 1 Buckley

Patrick Flaherty Vis. Inf 11 Scholar Ireland

99 Argoed John Durkin Head M 60 Agric. Labourer Ireland

Hannah Durkin Wife M 60 Ireland

Thomas Durkin Son S 25 Agric. Labourer Ireland

James Durkin Son S 22 Agric. Labourer Ireland

Bridget Durkin Dau. Inf. 13 Ireland

Mary Frayney Dau. Wid. 30 Pedlar Ireland

Mary Frayney Gd.Dau. Inf. 8 Scholar Ireland

Ann Frayney Gd.Dau. Inf. 6 Scholar Ireland

James Frayney Gd.Son Inf. 3 Ireland

Patrick McManus Lodger S 50 Agric. Labourer Ireland

101 Argoed John Gallagher Head M 40 Tinplate Work Ireland

Ann Gallagher Wife M 36 Ireland

Mary Gallagher Dau. S 17 Ireland

Barnard Gallagher Son Inf. 14 Brickworks Lab Malpas

James Gallagher Son Inf. 12 Brickworks Lab. Newbridge

Margaret Gallagher Dau Inf. 9 Whitch'ch

Hugh Gallagher Son Inf. 7 Chester

Bridget Gallagher Dau. Inf. 5 Salop

Ann Gallagher Dau Inf. 2 Buckley

- Gallagher Dau Inf. 2 wks. Buckley

102 Argoed Patrick Linkah Head M 63 Agric. Labourer Ireland

Ellen Linkah Wife M 50 Ireland

John Linkah Son S 18 Iron Works Ireland

Thomas Linkah Son M 29 Agric. Labourer Ireland

103 Argoed Michael Hanen Lodger S 23 Railway Lab. Ireland

105 Argoed Patrick Kennedy Head M 27 Iron Works Ireland

Catherine Kennedy Wife M 26 Ireland

Rose Kennedy Dau. Inf. 1 Buckley

111 Argoed Augustus Franklin Head M 61 Agric. Labourer Ireland

Catherine Franklin Wife M 61 Ireland

James Thompson Lodger M 35 Steamboat Stoker Scotland

Sarah Thompson Lodger M 36 Shopwoman B'head



Author: Dunn, Neville, 2


Year = 2005

Month = May

Building = Religious

Extra = 2000s

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