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A Laundry Press of the kind used at the Green Meadows Laundry"

Monarch Laundry, Rhuddlan

May 2005

When I saw the photo at 1.433, I decided to see if I could find some machines like those used at the Green Meadows Laundry. I tried to contact a laundry I knew called the Model Laundry at Whitchurch but discovered it had been demolished and the site was now a housing estate. I then visited the Monarch Laundry in Rhuddlan where they allowed me to take photos of the machines. This one shows the sort of press which was at the Buckley laundry, though it is a newer version.

Author: Rowlands, Arthur


Year = 2005

Month = May

Building = Commercial

Object = Tools & Equipment

Work = Textiles

Extra = 2000s

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