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Bruss, the town in Poland where Eric Hayes was a prisoner of war "

Bruss, Poland


This post card is included in ABOUT ME IN A NUTSHELL by Eric Hayes. See 7.239 for the text and details of other relevant entries.



This is a copy of a post-card showing the Township of BRUSS (Brusy) near Konitz (Chojnice) in Poland.


Bruss lies on route 235 northwards from Konitz in the direction of Gdynia on the Baltic Coast, roughly 25km (16 ½ m) away.


Our Billet (lager) was directly opposite the Church on the road, full of people, towards the centre of the photo. The other road, to the left, was the one we worked on laying drain pipes, but the job stopped before we got to the point shown on the photo. The road along the gardens towards the bottom of the photo led to the railway station. Beyond the Church, the ground fell away steeply and our trench onto the town became very deep.


I do not know when the photo was taken or what the occasion was. Nor can I remember where I got it from.


Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918


Year = 1939

Document = Greeting Card

Landscape = Urban

Work = Military

Extra = WW2

Extra = 1930s

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