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Stall No. 6 Description in the Souvenir Programme for a Grand Bazaar held at Saint Matthew's Schools"

Saint Matthew's School, Church Road, Buckley

6 June 1906

see 139.26 for COVER and details of entries on the archive





Mrs W. Newton

Mrs T. Williams, Mrs Hewitt, Miss Price, Miss A. Newton, Miss B. Hewitt,

Miss K. Hewitt.


Dairy and Farm Produce


Fowls, Rabbits, Butter, Eggs, Cheese,

Cream Cheese, Bacon, Lard, Hams,

Tongues, Honey, Lemon Cheese,

Vegetables, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Fancy Bread, &c

Author: Hayes, Henry


Year = 1906

Month = June

Day = 6

Building = School

Document = Ephemera

Event = Leisure

Extra = 1900s

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