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Plan of Stalls in the Souvenir Programme for a Grand Bazaar held at Saint Matthew's Schools"

Saint Matthew's School, Church Road, Buckley

6 June 1906

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Saint Matthew's Boys and Girls Schools, Buckley

Plan of Stalls for Bazaar


John H. Davies & Sons

Architects, Chester

May 7th 1906


[top outside left - clockwise]

Parcels Office and Cloak Room

Entertainment Room

Competition Room

Refreshments Storeroom

Hon. Secs Office

Refreshment Room & Buffet - Mrs James Newton (No.13)

Glass and Basket Stall - Miss Hurlbutt (No.3)

Bran Pie, Fishing Pond &c, &c. (No.14)

Fancy Work Stall - Mrs Pelly ( No.1)

Porch - Front Entrance

Plain Work Stall - Mrs Tyson (No.5)

Pottery Stall - Mrs Henry Hayes (No.7)

Dairy and Farm produce - Mrs W. Newton (No.6)

Household Stall - Mrs T. Williams (No.10)

Millinery and Blouse Stall - Miss Tyson (No.8)


[inside top left - clockwise]

Pentre Stall - Miss Amy Wilson (No.12)

Old Scholars Stall - Mrs Ashton (No.9)

Flower Stall - Mrs Toller (No.2)

Plain Work Stall - Miss Jacobs (No.4)

Penny Stall - Nurse Clark (No.11)


Author: Davies, John H.


Year = 1906

Month = June

Day = 6

Building = School

Document = Ephemera

Event = Leisure

Extra = 1900s

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