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Adverts (p.20) in the Buckley Amateur Pantomime Company's Programme for 'Aladdin'"

January 1934

In order to see all the entries for the 1934 Aladdin programme, under CAPTION enter "Aladdin" and under date enter " 1934". The main entry with cast details etc. is 139.44


Fred Griffiths ran the newsagents where the "Newscentre" is now (5.2005)



For Choice

Game, Poultry and Greengrocery

Shop at

J. Ratcliffe,

7, Mill Lane, Buckley

Rabbits when in season


Arthur Jones

Photographer, Picture Frame Maker,

Wireless Dealer,

18, Brunswick Road, Buckley

Large and up-to-date

Accumulator Charging

Pant for Car and Wireless Batteries


The National Deposit Society

The largest centralised society in the

United Kingdom

The Society owns three of the finest Convalescent Homes in England.

Men, Women and Children may join.

District Secretary:- F. Griffiths, The Cross, Buckley


The newsagents was an agent for the National Deposit Society - ed.

Author: Buckley Amateur Pantomime Company


Year = 1934

Month = January

Building = Commercial

Document = Ephemera

Work = Shops

Extra = 1930s

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