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Stall No. 1 Description in the Souvenir Programme for a Grand Bazaar held at Saint Matthew's Schools"

Saint Matthew's School, Church Road, Buckley

6 June 1906

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Mrs Pelly and Mrs Compton


Mrs Gatehouse, Miss Davies-Cooks, Mrs Owen, Miss Ward


A Large Assortment of Italian Ware, consisting of Afternoon Tea Plates, Inkstands, Ornaments, Candlesticks, &c., &c. A selection of Italian Jewellery, Brooches made of Roman Mosaics and Florentine Turquoise. A great variety of Fancy Work, Work Boxes, Needle Cases, Pen Wipers, Blotters, &c., &c. Some Trays and Ornaments of Imitation Cloissonee Ware, &c., &c.


"Here the mind of desultory man, studious of change

and pleased with novelty, may be indulged in."

Author: Hayes, Henry


Year = 1906

Month = June

Day = 6

Building = School

Document = Ephemera

Event = Leisure

Extra = 1900s

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