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View of Chester Road"

Chester Road, Buckley

13 October 2003

From left to right:

Former part of Charles Astons' butcher's shop

Entrance to Mount Pleasant - Dowzers' Fowd

Entrance to present shop - formerly small shop with flat over

Shop window (Buckley Tyres) formerly W. Gould's Grocery shop and attached house, 5, Chester Road

The colour-washed wall is where Mr Gould's house was.

Blue Bell Inn

House, Number 9, featured p.23 in "Buckley" photographic book with Maud Burchill and her baby, Stanley. (Also at 28.61- ed)

Entrance to former Birks' family home.

House, Number 11, now converted to gents' hairdressers.


Between Nos. 9 and 11, there is an entry leading to Garden Cottage, the home of Fred Birks, V.C. and his family until fairly recently. (May 2007).

Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918


Year = 2003

Month = October

Day = 13

Landscape = Urban

Extra = 2000s

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