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The back of the Council Offices"

Buckley Town Council, and Old Library and Baths, Mold Road, Buckley

18 June 2003

see 7.151 and 7.152 for the rest of the Council buildings seen fron the rear


The Baths building, with its small roofed entrance to the boiler room, is shown on the left. The small open windows above the roof are in the Ladies' slipper-bath compartments. The blue lockers had been taken out of the changing rooms and are leaning against what used to be the Gents' Public Convenience. Above this is a bettter view of the back of the (Old) Library building and the bridging extension between the Library and House. On the right edge of the photo the windows and door of the offices shown in 7.152 can be seen.

Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918


Year = 2003

Month = June

Day = 18

Building = Public

Work = Public Service

Extra = 2000s

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