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Wilf Owens with his Coventry Machinist Penny Farthing which has a 52'' wheel. "

8 October 2003

I used to use these lamps, called carbide lamps, which held a chemical that gave off gas when wet. The lamp consisted of an upper reservoir of water with a screw round the base which could unwind and the fitment removed from the top. The chemical, calcium carbide, was in small lumps in the bottom chamber which when wet effervesed and gave off a highly inflammable gas. Once the water trickled from the upper reservoir onto the calcium carbide, the chemical reaction occurred. The gas was released into the the atmosphere by twisting a nozzle. By adjusting a nozzle the volume of flame could be controlled.

Author: Bentley, James


Year = 2003

Month = October

Day = 8

Building = Domestic

Gender = Male

Landscape = Domestic

People = Single

Sport = Cycling

Transport = Bicycle

Extra = 2000s

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