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The Buckley Society Magazine Issue Six cover: includes Contents and Editorial Note"

January 1981

Buckley Society Magazine Issue Six, January 1981





The Magazine of the Buckley Society No.6 January 1981


Caption: Seventeenth Century Buckley bestiaryware


Contents Page and Editorial Note

Page 1.


BUCKLEY NO. 6January 1981


Editorial 1


Notes on the Manor of Ewloe by James Bentley 3-6


Industrial Relations in the Buckley Brick Industry, 7-9

1840-90,by Charles Duckworth


The Establishment of Full-Time Education for10-13

Buckley's Nonconformist Children by K. Lloyd Gruffydd


The Palace Picture House, Buckley, by Neil Cropper 14-18


Industrial Pottery from Greenfield Mills, Holywell, 19-24

by D. Morgan


A Note on the History of the Castle Fire Brick 25-40

Company, Northop, and on Related Brick and Coal

Entrepreneurs, by J. B. Lewis


A Mynydd-Isa Arrowhead by K. Lloyd Gruffydd 41


A Buckley Pot used in Witchcraft by Eirlys Gruffydd 42



Chairman: Mr. Charles Duckworth, The Willows, Tram Road, Buckley.

Secretary:Mr. Neville Jones, 3, Etna Road, Buckley.


The Buckley Society was founded in 1969 to further knowledge about the history of the town and surrounding district. Meetings are held regularly during the winter months and excursions take place during the spring and summer. Many members participate in excavations in the Buckley area.


The annual subscription is £1.00. Further information of the Society's activities and copies of this magazine (price 70p. plus postage) can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary or from the Publicity Officer Mr. James Bentley, MPS, Brunswick Road, Buckley).


Contributions for the magazine to be sent to the editors:

K. Lloyd Gruffydd and A.G. Veysey,

c/o Clwyd Record Office,


Deeside, Clwyd CH5 3NR.


Published by the Buckley Society with the assistance of the Clwyd Voluntary Services Council.


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Editorial Note

One of the primary objects of the Buckley Society is to foster interest in all aspects of the town's history through this magazine. Mr. Cropper's interesting article in this issue, on the Palace Cinema, will doubtless bring back happy memories to many readers. While Buckley's industrial past has been well covered in earlier issues, this is not true of its rich and varied social life and history, for which it is well-known throughout the county.


The editors would like more contributions, especially reminiscences of Buckley life in past times; please put pen to paper before it is too late to record them.

K.Lloyd Gruffydd

A.Geoffrey Veysey



Author: Gruffydd, Ken Lloyd and Veysey, A.G


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