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Reverend E. Wyn Parry, of Saint John's Church at the Centenary Jubilee and the Jubilee Hymn"

July 1956

see 31.4 (entry 8 in the reminiscence list) and 31.5 for mentions of the hymn, which was written for the Centenary Jubilee.)


To the tune of Aurelia




Our Father, we Thy people

Are gathered here today,

Wilt Thou Thy gracious Presence

Among us now display.

Our hearts are full of gladness

We lift them up to Thee

We ask Thy Benediction

Upon our Jubilee.


O lead us Heavenly Father

Into the paths of peace;

May kindness and forebearance

Among us all increase;

Spread forth Thy glorious Gospel

That all the world may see

The coming of Thy Kingdom

Thy Blessed Jubilee.

Author: Parry, Emyr Wyn Reverend


Year = 1956

Month = July

Event = Religious

Gender = Male

People = Single

Extra = Formal Portrait

Extra = 1950s

Extra = Music

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