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Alltami Bryn Methodist Church cast of 'Zureka the Gypsy Maid' "

Bryn Methodist Church, Alltami, Buckley


I think that this was perfomed in 1931, because I was about six only at the time. Doreen Oliver was my age (2nd row from front; second from left). The Mountain Colliery closed in 1930 and the Elm Colliery closed in 1934. I remember this was just after the Mountain closed.


I was born in Davies Cottages which are in the background. We moved to New Brighton council houses in 1948.


These are the names of some of the people:(some are different from thise given by the donor - ed.)


1. Frank Hughes. 6. George Jones. 8. John Jones 9. Herbert Edwards 10. Sam Bewley.



1. Mary Arrowsmith 2. Maggie Lamb 3. Mary Lloyd 4. Linda Lamb 7. Mary Lloyd 8. Gwennie Jones 9. Frances Hughes 11. Doris Jones



3. Joan Smallwood 4. Nora Jones 5. Nora Kendrick 6. Amy Williams



1. Mary Catherall 2. Doreen Oliver 4. Robert Williams 5. Elfet Kendrick

6. Emrys Jones 7. Mary Lewis 8. Jack Hughes 9. Anne Lewis

Author: Lamb, John


Year = 1934

Building = Religious

Event = Social/Entertainment

Gender = Mixed

People = Group

Extra = Formal Portrait

Extra = 1930s

Extra = Music

Extra = Theatre

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