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Advert for Lithgow's in the Flintshire County Handbook"

Lithgow's Calvinac Sprayed Plastic Coatings, Lower Common, Buckley


see 17.46 for an account of the business in the Handbook.





Sprayed Plastic Coatings

How they can help you.


During the past thirty years and more we and our Associate Company in the United States of America have been called upon to solve many diverse corrosion problems in Industry. Time has shown that our chosen materials and methods have been exactly right. As a result, we have a fund of experience which is always available to deal with your problems. Indeed we may aleady have solved them!

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James Lithgow (U.K.) Ltd.

The Common, Buckley, FlintshireTel: Buckley 553/4

Author: Anon


Year = 1960

Building = Industrial

Landscape = Industrial

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = 1960s

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