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Standard Brick and Pipe Works, Drury


see 17.46 for an account of the brickworks in the Handbook




Standard (Buckley) Ltd., Buckley, Flintshire

Manufacturers of


Salt Glazed stoneware

Drain Pipes to British Standard Specification. All types of fittings (including M.O.W. patterns) for house drainage, sewerage schemes, factory effluents, etc.


Salt Glazed manger channels

Half round and one-third section for modern Cow Houses and Piggeries. Unaffected by fermentation. Easily cleaned. Permanent.


Salt Glazed stoneware conduits with bitumen joints - singleway and multiples - for underground telephone and electric cables.


Contractors to various gevernment departments.

Exporters to many parts of the world.

Standard Buckley Salt Glazed ware is noted for its Durability, Strength and Resistance to chemical attack.


Agricultural Drain Pipes


Telephone No. Buckley 301/2

Author: Anon


Year = 1960

Building = Industrial

Landscape = Industrial

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = 1960s

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