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Advert for Tunnel Cement in the Flintshire County Handbook"

Castle Cement Works, Padeswood, Buckley


see 17.46 for an account of the company in the Handbook.




The Tunnel Portland Cement Company Limited

Manufactures of:-

Portland Cement

Rapid Hardening Concrete

White Cement

Sulphate Resisting Cement

Cold Weather Cement

Masonry Cement

Padeswood Hall, Near Mold, Flints.

Telephone: Buckley 501


The information below is taken from:


The National Joint Industrial Council for the Cement Manufacturing Industry

Wages and Approved Working Rules

Revised December 1961, effective from 19th January 1962


- Basic working week - 42 hours

- Customary recognised holidays are:

Good Friday, Easter Monday, Whit Monday, August Bank Holiday, Christmas

Day and Boxing Day (or equivalent Scottish Holidays)

- Two weeks annual holiday with pay

- Percentage Scale of Labour Rates for Youths

ie. Percentage of basic hourly rate for able-bodied adult male general labourers

15 years - 45% per hour

16 50%

17 55%

18 65%

19 75%

20 90%


Author: Anon


Year = 1960

Building = Industrial

Work = Construction

Extra = 1960s

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