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Minutes of the Buckley Art Club"

Hawkesbury Hall, Mill Lane, Buckley

6 September 1945

The following are extracts and items of interest taken from the Buckley Art Society minutes from its foundation meeting in 1970 and other documents.


On the 23rd January 1970, the Buckley Art Society was formed at a meeting in Hawkesbury Hall. Annual subscription was 12/- [60p].

Chairman Joe Chesters

Secretary D. J. Catherall

Treasurer Miss J. Jones



Art appreciation courses

Art films loaned by the Arts Council

Discussion groups

Group meetings for the exchange of ideas

Group painting or sketching sessions

Outdoor sketching activities

Excursions to places of artistic interest


30th January 1970

It was suggested that Mr J. Vernon Hughes should tentatively contact Mr Thomas Dempster Jones with a view to filling the office of President.


Mr F. Birtwistle welcomed the Society to the Hawkesbury Community Centre on behalf of the Buckley Young People's Cultural Association.


It was decided to ask for membership of the BYPCA.


The Buckley Art Society - Press Release 2nd February 1970


Since the exhibition of items of historical and social interest in and around Buckley held by "The Buckley Society" in the summer of 1969, at which a number of local artists exhibited their work, there have been numerous requests for the formation of an art society in Buckley.


As a result of a meeting held at Hawkesbury Community Centre on 23rd January last, such a society has now been formed and in initial meeting held. This meeting took the form of a discussion group, led by Mr J. Whormsley on pictures submitted by members for criticism and comment.


The society aims to promote art in Buckley, by art appreciation courses, the showing of films, by lectures, exhibitions, excursions to places of interest, group discussions, etc., as well as by the forming of group projects and the exchange of individual interests and ideas.


The next meeting which is to be held at Hawkesbury on 13th February at 7 p.m. is to be a practical meeting, taking the form of sketching from a model. Any persons interested in joining the society are welcome to attend this meeting or to contact:

The secretary of the Buckley Art Society

Mr D. J. Catherall


The first exhibition was at Hawkesbury Hall, Monday 11th May to Saturday 16th May 1970. Three pictures per member allowed; two would be shown and the third was at the discretion of the sub-committee. Over 60 pictures were on display.

Thomas Dempster Jones visited the exhibition on the Monday and proposed that he should present the society with a sliver trophy to be awarded annually to the best artist exhibiting with the society.

More than 600 people visited. The local schools were invited and over 1000 pupils attended with their teachers. Following this success, the society decided to make it an annual event.


From October 5th to 24th 1970, the society exhibited in the Exhibition Gallery of the County Library, Civic Centre, Mold.


The society approached the Workers Educational Association (W.E.A.) and an Art Appreciation course was held at Hawkesbury at the end of 1970.


12th February 1971

Thomas Dempster Jones had agreed to be President. He offered a 10% reduction in materials bought at his shop. He agreed that his trophy was to be awarded by public ballot at the exhibition.

The next exhibition was in April and the trophy was awarded to G. Aston-Parry (30 votes for "A Grand Pair") by Mr Dempster Jones.


September 1972

The Buckley Foundry was approached to see if it could produce car badges for the society. The foundry produced two specimen aluminium replicas, cost approximately 25p each.


July 1978

Two members of the society, Robert Hutchison and Reverend Oscar Lloyd, exhibited jointly at Buckley Library. Rev. Lloyd had 16 and Mr Hutchison 24 paintings on show.


July 1991

The Society's 21st Anniversary exhibition was held at Buckley Library.


April 1993

The Society's first magazine issue, "Artyfacts - the Official Publication of the Buckley and Mold Art Society", is produced by the publicity officer, Joe Chesters. The first discussions took place about twenty years earlier.



The fourth issue of Artyfacts was a bumper Silver Anniversary edition and covered the 25 years of the Society's existence.

see 2.110 for the cover


3rd to 22nd July 1995

Silver Jubilee exhibition at Buckley Library. About 60 paintings. Sixteen exhibitors:

Joyce Avis, Lois Barclay, Jean Chesters, John D. Edwards, Barbara James, Arthur Jones, Tony Kendrick, Oscar Wyn Lloyd, Ian McFarlane, Jenny McIntyre, Rhona Owens, Iolanthe Read, Ron Smallman, Anthea Wickens, Gordon Wilkinson.


September 22nd 1995

25th Anniversary dinner at the Plas Ifan Hotel, Northophall.


July 2000

30th annual exhibition was held at Buckley Library. A special Millennium Composite was prepared for it.


18th October 2001

The decision was made to disband the Society after 32 years.



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