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Gladys Roberts in Blackpool; the bees' knees!"



Mrs Roberts was brought up in Nercwys and has written two books on its history: "A stroll down memory lane in Olde Nercwys" and " Nerwys School, another stroll down memory lane". They are both well researched and extremely interesting books, full of information and anecdote on the village. She recently (2003) arranged for a plaque made from Welsh slate to be installed beneath the school clock in honour of her old headmaster, Matthew Rees, who ran the school from 1888 to 1926 and who was in inspiration to his pupils. Mrs Roberts taught for many years at local schools, including the Buckley Board School. There must be people who remember being taught by her. Maybe their story could go on this archive.

Author: Anon


Year = 1932

Event = Leisure

Gender = Female

People = Single

Extra = Fashion

Extra = Formal Portrait

Extra = 1930s

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