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What a mover! The Buckley Aeroseed Broadcaster Supreme Champion!"

Precinct Way Car Park, Buckley

16 July 2003

The aeroseed broadcaster is still in use. I remember it from the late 1930s. It has a 15" spread of seed. The seed is placed in the bag and the user walks along the land in lines dispersing the seed by pulling on the pulley system. It is hard work and in order to ensure the even distribution of the seed, we would wait for still conditions. Often we would go out after 7 in the evening when the wind had died down.


The red tape going round my neck is the belt from my daughter's school uniform!

Author: Fisher, Bill, 1922


Year = 2003

Month = July

Day = 16

Building = Commercial

Gender = Male

Landscape = Urban

Object = Tools & Equipment

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Work = Agricultural

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