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Hawkesbury Hall, showing vandalsim "

Hawkesbury Hall, Mill Lane, Buckley


In December 2007, it was reported that Hawkesbury Hall was to be sold. It is a Grade II listed building but over the years the internal features which gave it the listed status had been vandalised - the stairs and the ceiling mouldings - but a survey revealed that the features were still good enough for it to retain its listed status.


Cllr Arnold Woolley, in his capacity of Leader of the County Council, reported to the Buckley Society early in 2010 that he was seeking ways for the building to be refurbished by an entrepreneur, but that a stipulation of the transfer was that the features would be restored fully at their own cost. If no assurance could be guaranteed, the building would for the time being stay in the Council's ownership.


The development did not go ahead. In May 2010 its future was still uncertain.


On 29th March 2010, Mr Jack Bright spotted a group of people in the planted area to its side taking away the snowdrops. He was informed that they had instructions to remove them for replanting elsewhere outside of Buckley and that the trees were due for felling. He reported this to the Town Council who investigated and the disturbance was stopped but not before some of the snowdrops had been dug up.

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