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Robin and Miriam Roberts outside their new premises"

78, Brunswick Road, Buckley


Photo taken at the back door. When the chip shop took off, they started up another on the corner of Brook Street/ Bannel Lane, which in 2003 is a Chinese take-away and fish and chip shop. Robin and his mother ran this one, while Miriam and her father continued to run the Daisy Hill one.


When Robert decided to finish with the charabanc, (Crosville ran them off the road), he decided to open the other side of the double-fronted chip shop at 78, Brunswick Road and sell greengrocery. Robin, having left Hawarden Grammar School at 14 in 1925, used to go with his father at 5 a.m. to Liverpool each day to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. At 17, when he got his driving licence, he would go around Buckley knocking on doors and selling off the van - a job he never enjoyed. He liked playing billiards best!

Author: Roberts, Gladys Lloyd


Year = 1927

Gender = Mixed

People = Couple

Work = Shops

Extra = 1920s

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