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Margaret Bentley and Lassie on the Higher Common"

Higher Common, Buckley

August 1973

The Buckley Gazette was published for a short while in the late 1960s. Below is a letter from the 3rd March 1967 issue.




I was very pleased to read in the first copy of the Gazette that the local council is considering making Buckley Common into a public park.


I think this should have been done long ago and I would like our local councillors to know that we residents at the part of the urban district in question welcome this move as a real step forward.


Whilst writing I should like to thank you for the copy of the Gazette coupled with the hope that I receive a copy of your next issue.

Author: Buckley Gazette


Year = 1973

Month = August

Gender = Female

Landscape = Urban

People = Single

Extra = 1970s

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