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Presentation of the Thomas Dempster Jones Silver Award to George Aston Parry "

Hawkesbury Community Centre, Mill Lane, Buckley

April 1971

Taken by John Taylor Davies.


The second annual exhibition of the Buckley Art Society took place between the 12th. and 17th. of April 1971 at Hawkesbury Community Centre and the Thomas Dempster Jones Award for Fine Art was awarded to the painting which received the most votes from the visitors to the exhibition. The award was won by Mr. G. Aston Parry with his oil painting 'A Grand Pair' which captured the power and majesty of a team of shire horses striding with grace over a furrowed field. Second was Mr. Darrell Catherall's 'Plotting the Course' and third Mr. Joe Chester's 'Nightmare'.

Author: Chesters, Joe


Year = 1971

Month = April

Building = Public

Gender = Male

Extra = Formal Portrait

Extra = 1970s

Extra = Visual Arts

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