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Raymond Chesters, a founder member of the Buckley Art Society"

Hawkesbury Hall, Mill Lane, Buckley

August 1969

This photograph was taken at the "Buckley Past and Present Exhibition" in August 1969 by John Taylor Davies. This exhibition gave birth to the Buckley Art Society in 1970.


The exhibition covered all aspects of Buckley's history. Local artists were invited to show examples of their work. Thomas Dempster Jones, Vernon Hughes, Jack Whormsley, Herbert Parker, Charlie Kelsall, Joe Chesters, Darrell Catherall, John Taylor Davies were amongst those who exhibited. Mr Dempster Jones had the top right hand corner of the theatre for his paintings. At the end of the day, after the show had been dismantled, Vernon Hughes spoke to a group of the artists, saying, "Do you know that there are enough artists here to from an art club." I was volunteered to speak to the Hawksbury Committee to enable a re-formation of the art group.

Author: Chesters, Joe


Year = 1969

Month = August

Building = Other

Event = Historic

Gender = Male

Landscape = Urban

People = Single

Transport = RecreationAnimal

Extra = 1960s

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