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The Ever-open Gate leading to Hawkesbury"

Hawkesbury, Mill Lane, Buckley


I called the photo "The Ever-open gate" after the painting title "The Ever-open gate" by Jack Whormsley. He called it that because of its access to the community centre which should be open and available to all.




Hawkesbury was the venue for the Buckley Art Club. The Art Club held a meeting in Hawkesbury on 6th September 1945 under the auspices of The Buckley Young People's Cultural Association at which the following officials were elected:

Chairman: Charles Kelsall

Secretary: Hilda Fennah

Treasurer: J. Clifford Jones

Librarian: Mr J. Becket

The balance of funds was £3.16.2. Models were to be paid 2/6 for an evening of two hours. The annual subscription was 3/6 (low earning members: 1/6).

It was suggested that the following might be invited as models: Mrs Winnie Roberts, Mr Frank Roberts in make-up, Mr Dennis Griffiths, Mr W. Peers.

Author: Chesters, Joe


Year = 1991

Building = Other

Landscape = Urban

Extra = 1990s

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