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The Salvation Army Dedication Certificate awarded to George Owens"

Salvation Army Building,Chester Road, Buckley

21 February 1904

Transcript of certificate;-


The Salvation Army

Dedication Certificate

For God and the War


George Owens was dedicated to God and the Salvation War, in the manner set forth by the Orders and Regulations of the Salvation Army in the (Building) Lane End Buckley on Feb.21st. 1904.

Date of Birth Nov. 11th. 1903 (Father's name) William Owens

Place of Birth Spon Green (Mother's name) Martha Owens


I hereby certify that the above child was dedicated by me and that this is a correct copy of the Corps Dedication Register

Name C. Bevan

Rank Captain


Register No. 10 Corps Buckley



For I know him that he will command his children

gen. 18-19

Author: Salvation Army


Year = 1904

Month = February

Day = 21

Document = Certificate

Event = Family

Gender = Male

People = Single

Extra = 1900s

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