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J. P. Collins' fairground van"


Truck registration number: JLV 76C; an American Diamond T Truck.

The Collins family brought the fairground to Buckley at the time of the Jubilee. John Collins was at Battersey during the Festival of Britain in 1951. Washington House used to supply paint for the fairground rides. Maggie was the mother. I think she was Irish.

When they came to Buckley, the fairground used to be in Lane End, at the back of Harrop's shop, where the paint shop is now. The vehicles had difficulty getting down the narrow lane, which only provided a small entrance. The back end of the trucks were turned at an angle and then they had to be winched into the lane and onto the field at the back for the Jubilee.

Before the Jubilee, the rides were cheaper, about 3d. For the Jubilee night, the prices were increased three or four fold. It used to cost 3d. for a bag of chips! Fish and chips were cheap in those days.

Author: Jones, Cleveland


Year = 1957

Event = Leisure

Transport = Lorry

Work = Transport

Extra = Entertainment

Extra = 1950s

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