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One of the first cars in Buckley about to progress unhindered through the town!"

Glynne Villas, Chester Road, Buckley


Tom was Robert's brother and Sarah's husband. They had one son, Tom, who married Kate, nee Aston. He was a Captain in WWI and had the M.C. for bravery. He became Headmaster of Saint Ethelwold's Primary School in Shotton and remained there until he died. They lived at the house known now as Lexham Green. On his retirement, he and his wife had opted for a pension instead of a lump sum. The form was sent off as the first stage in the process. Unfortunately, Tom suddenly died while at a party. The form was quickly retrieved and altered so that his family received the lump sum.



Author: Roberts, Gladys Lloyd


Year = 1919

Gender = Mixed

Landscape = Urban

People = Group

Transport = Car

Extra = 1910s

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