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William and Martha Owens' marriage certificate"

Bethesda Calvanistic Methodist Church, Mold

2 May 1891



Certificate of Marriage

1891. Marriage Solemnised at the Bethesda Chapel, New Street, Mold in the District of Holywell, in the County of Flint.

No. 64.

When Married: Second May 1891

Name and Surname: William Owens, 21 years, batchelor, collier.

Martha Peters, 22 years, spinster.

William's father's name - Edward Owens, Blacksmith

Martha's father's name - William Peters (deceased), Labourer

Marriage solemnised in the presence of:

William Peters

x The mark of Hannah Peters

Author: Owens, Wilf, 1932 - 2007


Year = 1891

Month = May

Day = 2

Building = Religious

Document = Genealogy

Event = Wedding

Gender = Mixed

People = Couple

Extra = Pre 1900

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