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This vase was bought by Mr Robert Roberts (1868 - 1946) who was born in Ruthin of a farming community and who hired out steam engines. When he was seven years old his father was bitten on the cheek by a rat and he died, so his mother returned to live in Buckley with her mother in Coppa View Cottages on Daisy Hill (a row of four cottages long since demolished) together with her four children:

Tom, who was the grandfather of Margaret Thornton, nee Roberts, and Geoffrey;

Margaret (Mag) who married John Coles and who was Grannie Coles to Bessie Kelsall, nee Griffiths;

Mary who married Charlie Hill in late life; and

Robert, father of Robin Roberts (1911 - 1999), who lived in Liverpool Road and then Megs Lane with his wife Gladys.

(See 28.93 for further details on the family)


(Below are two Captions for the vase supplied bythe late Mrs Gladys Roberts at different times ed. 2010)




It is from a pottery somewhere near Liverpool Road which was trying out something different from the established Buckley mugs. However then, in the late 1880s, it did not survive long. This came into the possession of Robin Roberts from his father.


This vase was made in Buckley in the 1920s. When other Buckley potters were turning out popular Buckleyware, a kiln opened up in Lane End - somewhere - aiming to introduce more refined pottery, such as this vase, but owing to the lack of interest, they soon closed down. Anyway, this has survived. It has been in the possession of the owner's family since it was bought new. The entry shows both sides of the vase and a blemish in the glaze is clearly visible. It is about 8" high.


Martin Harrison has confirmed that it was made in a pottery in Lane End by a German about whom very little is known.



Author: Roberts, Gladys Lloyd


Year = 1925

Object = Visual Art

Work = Light Industry

Extra = 1920s

Extra = Visual Arts

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