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Fred Birks' final battle message form"

Glengorse Wood, nr. Ypres, Belgium

20 September 1917

This document accompanies the article by J. E. Griffiths (Webbert) in The Buckley Society Magazine Issue 8. March 1983; see the reminisence in entry 17.10.

See 28.109 for the message map which accompanied this form.





1. I am at "X". (Note:- Either give map reference or mark your position by "X" on the map on back.


2. I have reached the limits of my objective.


3. My platoon is at "X" and is consolidating.


4., 5. and 6. Deleted


7. I am in touch with "A Coy" on Right/Left at "15 platoon".


8. I am in touch with ..... on "left"


9. Am shelled from "our artillery".


10., 11. and 12. Deleted.


13. Reinforcements wanted at .....


14. I estimate my present strength at "39" rifles.


15. Add any other useful information here:-

"5, 7 and 8 Btn are returning in disorder".


Name: F. Birks, Lieut.

Platoon : 16

Company: D

Battalion: 6th

Time: 0100

Date: 20 ...... 1917


A) Carry no maps or papers which may be of value to the Enemy

B) Give no information if captured, except the following, which you are bound to give:- Name, Rank, Number and Regiment.

C) Collect all captured maps and papers and send them in at once.


Author: Army Message Form


Year = 1917

Month = September

Day = 20

Event = Historic

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Military

Extra = Military

Extra = WW1

Extra = Music

Extra = 1910s

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