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Promotional calendar for John Jones' Business"

Washington House,Chester Road, Buckley




"My Mother


Who taught my infant lips to pray

For heavenly guidance on life's way;

To ask for blessings day by day?

My mother.


Who told me that a father's care

Alone could shield from earthly snare,

And bade me seek in it to share?

My mother.


Who sweetly spoke of Jesus' love,

And bade me be like harmless dove -

That I might reign with Him above?

My mother."


With compliments from JOHN JONES

General Dealer

Washington House, Buckley

Oils, paints and colours.



Author: Jones, John


Year = 1899

Document = Ephemera

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Shops

Extra = Visual Arts

Extra = Pre 1900

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