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Funeral cards for George and Rebecca Owens"

Bistre Emmanuel Parish Church, Mold Road, Buckley


see 42.20 for the Owens family tree, in which George and Rebecca are included.



In Affectionate Remembrance of

George Owens

Who departed this life January 8th, 1881,

Aged 18 years,

And was Interred in Bistree Church-yard, Jan. 12th.


Our son has gone and we are left,

The loss of him to mourn:

But may we meet with him again,

With Christ before God's Throne.


Good was his heart and in friendship sound,

Patient in pain and loved by all around;

His pains are over, his griefs ever done,

A life of everlasting joy he has begun.




In Affectionate Remembrance of

Rebecca Owens,

Who departed this life September 22nd, 1882,

Aged 20 years

And was interred at Bistree Church-yard, Sep. 26th.


She's gone, the one we loved so dear,

To her eternal rest;

She's gone to Heaven, we need not fear,

To be for ever blest.


And when her Saviour called her,

To His Heavenly home,

She very gladly answered,

Saviour, Lord, I come.

Author: Owens, Wilf, 1932 - 2007


Year = 1881

Event = Funeral

Gender = Mixed

People = Couple

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