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Good conduct award letter to Charles Connah"

27 May 1931



London and North Eastern Railway

Marlybone Station




Dear Sir,

Bickersham Junction Up Starting signal out of order


The Superintendent (Western Section) having drawn attention to the service rendered by you on March 24th 1930 we have much pleasure in conveying an expression of the Company's appreciation of your conduct on that occasion, and have the pleasure to hand you the sum of ten shillings being an award from the "Sir Edward Watkin "Special Award" Fund".

We are

Yours truly


(signed by three trustees)



Mr C. Connah

West Leigh and Bedford

Author: London and North Eastern Railway


Year = 1931

Month = May

Day = 27

Document = Letter

Gender = Male

People = Single

Transport = Rail

Work = Transport

Extra = 1930s

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